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Aura D. McClain


Aura McClain is a Certified Professional Life Coach and a published author of a spiritual book called “Happiness in Quantum Leaps”, De-Stressing Without Drugs. As a Professional Life Coach, her expertise is in spiritual, emotional, and relationship healing and coaching.

In her book, “Happiness In Quantum Leaps”, she teaches that by being in positive alignment in Body, Mind, and Energy/Spirit, we can all drastically reduce our cycle time in successfully meeting our happiness goals faster.  She also teaches that we can help improve our Body’s immune systems when we heal our Spiritual Energy and Mind together as one.  Her coaching expertise is helping to remove mental distractions so that her clients can move forward to meet their goals faster.

As a Life Coach, Aura McClain has coached young adults to build their self-esteem and to clarify, focus, and streamline their goals in the areas of spiritual, education, getting a job, and real estate investing.  She’s also coached adults from divorcing and improving their relationships.  She even healed a soldier experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, through spiritual healing in less than one hour.  Her success with her coaching clients has to do with her ability to teach self-healing through spiritual and mental healing by being in positive alignment in Body, Mind, and Spirit using a combination of her book and coaching.  Her approach to having all her clients read her book first, prior to personal coaching is extremely unique to the mental health business because her focus is on teaching first the natural process of healing, then coaching.  This process not only improves but also reduces cycle time in the spiritual, mental, and physical healing of her clients.

She was past president and member of the Orange County Youth Motivation Task Force, helping motivate at-risk kids the importance of education. She also serves on the boards of two biotech companies. She was an aerospace engineer for twenty-five years, working for Boeing Defense, Space & Security and Boeing Ground-based Midcourse Missile Defense. She was the first female engineer to work for Hughes Helicopter doing research work in artificial intelligence (AI) when the technology was at its infancy. Aura was one of the leading experts in the AI field speaking at AI Symposiums and was one of the first engineers to develop a working expert system in telecommunications for McDonnell Douglas Space Systems.

Most of her work as an engineer involved analyzing systems and processes to improve their quality and reduce their cycle times by incorporating best practices in the industry. She incorporates what she learned as an engineer to analyze how our mind, body, and energy/spirit are connected and work together best when they are in positive alignment as one.

Life Coaching or Presentations

If you are interested in hiring Aura McClain as your personal Life Coach or to do Presentations for your event, please use the CONTACT form to reach out to her.


If you can, please donate to Aura McClain’s favorite charity, “Tiny Blessings”, feeding and providing homes for homeless children in the Philippines. Also, 10% of all book proceeds are donated to helping Tiny Blessings. So please help spread the word by gifting books away to your family and friends. Please visit their website at: www.tinyblessingsph.com

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