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Happiness In Quantum Leaps: De-stressing WITHOUT DRUGS! teaches how to have mental peace, happiness, and perfect love no matter what the world of chaos throws at us, even in the middle of a pandemic.

The book teaches that by having a strong relationship with God and by learning to control our minds, we automatically improve our body’s immune system to help heal itself from sickness caused by mental stress. The book also teaches how to achieve our oneness with God as the book explains and proves the existence of God using very simple physics. Also discussed are the two major problems with science today, what they have not yet discovered, as the major reasons why so many people are suffering mentally and the solutions to these problems.

Listen to Aura McClain’s CBS Radio interview on “People of Distinction” syndication regarding her book:

Aura D. McClain - Author


Aura D. McClain is an ordained Christian minister, certified life coach, and aerospace engineer. She easily and eloquently explains the Science behind God.


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Mental health is definitely an integral part of everyone’s life, whether they suffer from an actual mental illness or not. Your mental health should always be just as important as your physical health, which unfortunately not everyone realizes. But once you come to this realization and focus on what it is that will help you through the good, the bad, and the ugly times of life, well that is when you will truly flourish. In this book, Happiness In Quantum Leaps: De-stressing Without Drugs! by Aura D. McClain, we discover and learn about the way of mentally healing one’s self through reflection, practicing control over your emotions, and how to heal through religion and God.

The author of this book manages to hone in on what makes people react to stressful situations and mentally draining circumstances in the way that they do, and how they can in turn find a new way of dealing with it through spiritual healing. Aura D. McClain even reflects on her own time in her life where she felt at the end of her rope and needed to mentally reinvigorate herself and heal from the inside out. As someone who believes mental health is one of the most important aspects of any person’s life, this book really hit home with me. It was intriguing to read from this author’s perspective and hear what it is they believe can help others who are struggling. I found this read to be thought-provoking and intriguing, making me see how this approach to mental health struggles, whether they be minor or not, can potentially begin a healing process with this way of thinking, especially if you are religious.

One of the best parts of this book is how the author touches on many different struggles in life; such as relationship issues and failure vs. success and ultimately, how to achieve proper happiness. Whether you identify as someone with religious values or not, this book will definitely be something that will resonate with you and make you look inward so you can be your best self and most importantly — happy. It is wonderfully executed in its message and is a book I would recommend for all audiences. After all, mental health is important for every individual.


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