Powerful Steps to Finding God 

We live in a time of hate. We’re defined much more by what we reject than what we adore. This animosity can cause you to feel an overwhelming feeling of distress. Trouble suffocates you. Worry entangles you. Night after night, you sleep but can’t rest. You are confused about your being and that of the things around you. This may be caused by the lack of God in your life. Without God, you experience a misalignment in your body, mind, and energy, which results in anxiety and mental stress.

The burden of suffering is intolerable, so you’ll turn to drugs and other dangerous paraphernalia to fill the hole you feel inside. However, according to Happiness In Quantum Leaps by Aura McClain, having a solid relationship with God and control over our minds automatically heals you from the sickness caused by mental distress. McClain claims that what lacks you is the presence of God in your heart. Hence, this article will discuss the steps to bring God into your life. The steps are spontaneous but are powerful, nonetheless. 

A Moment of Prayer

God will always desire a personal relationship with each one of us. God desires for you to have communication with Him. But, how can you ignite conversation with the Almighty God? Through prayer, of course. 

Prayer is not a mere mental exercise. Although spontaneous, it is a spiritual transaction with the Almighty God of Heaven and Earth. When a person hopes to heal, brings a person back, wants comfort from the depths of depression, did you notice how they reach out to God immediately through a moment of prayer?

 In a state of wandering, a prayer will help you see the direct path towards God. Prayer will make you see God better. All you have to do is trust the direction you are being led to, as God will make your path less bumpy and more straight. If you’re ready, God will show you the gifts He has in store for you. You are pulled into varied directions, with daily temptations served in front of you. With prayer, you can wave off these temptations and hate inside you. 

Marvel at What God Has Created

Probably one of the main reasons why you don’t connect with God is because you’re out of touch with the world. You have an open heart, but only hatred is the ones getting inside it. This hatred will pull you away from God, losing Him when you spiral down the rabbit hole. However, there will always be a turning point. Remember that God dwells in you and in others, too. He is aware, present, and compassionately involved in every detail of who we are. You’ll be able to find Him once again when you marvel at God’s creation. His presence is palpable. You can find Him in the mountains, plants, animals, and the people who walk past by you. 

Be Willing to Turn Away from the Wrong

We make mistakes, and we know that. You are strong if you are willing to admit this mistake and turn away from that. Your openness and willingness to change your way of thinking is like a fertile soil, ready for new seeds to take root, sprout, and grow. Despite all mistakes and sins, He will gladly embrace you in His arms. Your past mistakes are not a hindrance that will stop you from connecting with Him, as He will gladly accept you no matter what. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, was sent here on Earth to be our Savior and Redeemer. God wants you to toss the filthy rags and let the Holy Spirit work in your life. Walking in God’s way will enlighten your mind to a new beginning and being transformed. 

Be Still

Dealing with massive change, navigating the unknown has already left you stressed and anxious. And forcing yourself will push you to your limits. Stop trying to find God. You cannot find what is not lost; that is what most would say. Stop forcing yourself to see God; rather, feel His power in you. Bear in mind that God is in you already. Being still does not mean letting go of God. You are instead letting go of control, allowing space for God to control you. Being still is trusting God’s sovereign over you, surrendering everything to Him and only Him. 

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